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I've never been great about bragging about myself, but I get requests occasionally for recommendations from other brides.  I also never put too much faith in reviews on someone's own website because of course they will only post the good reviews.  So here are some of the reviews I've received via email take them for what they are worth, but I've done well over 2000 weddings and feel free to search my name on Cruise Critic, Wedding Wire, The Knot, and elsewhere on the web.  

Here are some scans of thank you notes as well.  Click on the names and they will open up in a new window.  I like the Kenny and Arlene thank you note as they had been high school sweethearts and reconnected over 40 years later and the sparks were still there and got married on beautiful Lindquist Beach.  Sweet story, and wonderful couple. 

Kenny&Arlene     Mike&Nicole     Reggie&Tricia     Thomas&Alyson

This is my one of my favorite thank you's as it came almost a year later...

Hey Stuart,
I'm sure you get a ton of these emails from a lot of different couples, so I attached a few pictures so maybe you can remember the faces if not the names.
You married me and my wife on 5.26.07 (Scott and Liz A.) and eventhough I'm sure we thanked you at the time, we wanted to make sure we did again even almost a year later. Usually, the officiate does a good job and is never mentioned again, but both of our families talked about how great you were for a long time after the wedding. Your words were genuine and incredibly appropriate, and we liked how you personalized it for us my mentioning our Red Sox/Yankees rivalry and our dog Max.
So, one more time, let me just say thank you for making our wedding as amazing as it was. If you want any more pictures or just some more praise, email me anytime.
Scott and Liz
Words cannot express how much Tom and I enjoyed meeting you at our ceremony on April 17, 2008, at the Ritz.  Both of us were expecting a standard traditional service and were SO pleased that you performed our marriage service with so much love, energy, and passion.  We both loved the service, the personalization, the quotes, the readings and excerpts.  I could not have asked for anything better!
Thank you for making our day so wonderful, so special and so unique.  I wish you and yours all the best.
Warm Regards,
Liz S.
Bryan and I wanted to thank you both so much for making our wedding stress-free, fun & beautiful.  It was the perfect day and we could not have asked for more.  There were months of anticipation and it was strange to plan a wedding somewhere we’d never been.  In the end it was 100 times more than either of us ever expected.
We were so happy with our ceremony.  It was light and fun and just what we were looking for.  We received so many compliments on you.  Everyone just really thought you were great.  Bryan and I loved that you took the time to throw in a few added surprises for us.  I have never been to a ceremony where the officiate took the time to go over your standing positions and how to place your hands with the best photography shot in mind.  You even directed me on how to hold my bouquet!  It was so sweet of you to come and speak with me prior to the ceremony and go over everything.  Thanks for the help with the champagne bottle as well…..too cute!  Also, it was nice to return home and have our marriage papers waiting for us in the mail. 
Thank you for all the work you did to give us a flawless day and a lifetime of memories!
Taryn and Bryan C


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