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The USVI is one of the easiest places to get married in the Caribbean because we do not require blood tests, residency, or have on island waiting periods.  This means as long as you send in the application beforehand, you can come pick up the license at the courthouse and get married immediately.  If this is a last minute change of plans please email me and we have been able to get a license the same day as long as you have all the correct paperwork in hand, however typically the courthouse would like to have everything 8 days before the day you come to pickup the license.  

These are the files that you will need to fill out and mail in, and I have attached an instruction sheet as well because the courthouse is VERY specific on how these are to be filled out.  Main thing to remember is print clearly, and use no abbreviations whatsoever, all states must be completely spelled out.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Click on the links to open them in a new window, and you can save them from there.  I have included 2 samples that are filled out to help you along a little further, sometimes a visual aid is better than a list of instructions.  The forms are PDF files.

Also be sure to check the courthouse calendar to make sure the day you are planning on picking up the license is not a holiday.  We have lots of holidays here in the islands and sometimes the courthouse closes, has limited hours, or has limited hours with an additional $150 fee.  Click here to see the HOLIDAY SCHEDULE 2015.pdf


Application            License         Instructions 

Application Sample               License Sample  

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