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Frequently Asked Questions

If there is anything you need or any question I might not have answered here, PLEASE do not hesitate to ask, and I will most likely put that question up here for everyone else to read as well.  You can email me at or call me anytime at 340-514-4466.


1. Are there residency requirements or waiting periods in order to get married there?  No.  We are part of the US so getting married here is a snap.  Just make sure to mail in your application about 10-30 days before you get here.  There is an 8 day processing period for the courthouse meaning they like the application in at least 8 days beforehand, but it can be waived without much of a problem.  If this is a last minute wedding please meaning getting married within 8 days please call Stuart at 340-514-4466.

2. Are blood tests required?  No blood tests are required.

3. What do I need to get married?  A completed license & application form (which you can download from my Marriage License page), $200 MONEY ORDER payable to the courthouse, a photo id when you show up at court, and finally a certified copy of any divorce decrees or death certificates if you have been previously married. 

4. What should I wear?  Welcome to the islands, you can wear whatever you want to wear.  If you decide on a bathing suit just make sure you are covered up when going to the courthouse.  I've seen everything from wetsuits and bikinis to tuxedos and ballroom gowns.  Wear whatever you feel comfortable in.  Black tuxedos, while very elegant, can be extremely hot in the tropical sun.  Its your special day so wear something that reflects your individuality as well as the importance of the day.

5. What is the best time of day for the wedding?  Time of day and location go hand in hand.  If you want the bright turquoise Caribbean water then I would recommend a wedding between 9am-3pm and Lindquist Beach has the brightest color water.  If you want a sunset wedding I would recommend Brewers Bay or Limetree Beach however bugs will be an issue at dusk. 

6.  What type of ceremony locations are there?  You can have your wedding at a variety of locations such as botanical gardens, luxury yachts, gorgeous estates, deserted islands, quiet little secluded beaches, in a helicopter circling the islands, gazebos overlooking the ocean, and you can even get married underwater if you so desire.  If you can dream it, we can make it happen.  Unless you want snow....  You can see pictures of various locations, flowers, and other things at

7.  Do I need a passport?  If you have one bring it, and I would strongly suggest you get one if you have time.  However, if you only plan on coming to the US Virgin Islands and don't plan on island hopping over the British Virgin Islands, then all you need is a drivers license or birth certificate.

8.  Where should I stay?  That's a tough question to answer with a general statement.  If you let me know what type of place you are looking for, like condo, family resort, all inclusive, villa, tight budget, near nightlife, etc. I would be more than happy to offer some suggestions.  There are places that range from less than $100 a night to well over $600 a night. 

9.  It is just the two of us what do we do about witnesses?  Don't worry about witnesses I will take care of that.

10.  When should we pay you, how, and do you need a deposit?  I only require a $100 non-refundable deposit which you can send via the PayPal link on the "Weddings" page of my website.  Some couples prefer not to deal with money and the business aspect of their wedding on their actual wedding day, so you are welcome to pay me up front via Paypal.  It also helps spread wedding expenses out so you have more money to spend in our wonderful shops when you arrive.  You are also welcome to pay me in cash on the day of the wedding if you would prefer that as well. 

11.  What do we do with the license?  VERY IMPORTANT.........Bring the license with you to the ceremony and make that the first thing you hand me.  If you want to put the cash in the same envelope that is fine as well.  I need to have that before the wedding, because after the ceremony is your time to celebrate so lets get the paperwork and formalities done upfront.  I will mail you your 2 court stamped marriage certificates usually within a week after your wedding, but please allow 30 days to receive it in the mail. 

12.  I'm worried about the weather what should I expect?  Well this is probably the most common question.  People avoid getting married here in Hurricane season June-Nov, but historically September is our bad month.  But, not to get married here because there might be a hurricane is like not getting married in the Midwest because there might be a tornado. So chances are the weather will be like it is 99% of the year, 88 degrees and sunny, with a brief shower here and there.  Don't bother looking at weather reports, I have yet to see a weather report that didn't have rain listed, its rains somewhere on this island every day, but usually only for a few minutes.

13.  Any island tips?  Drink LOTS of water.  You will be surprised how fast you can get dehydrated.  Wear sunscreen, the sun here is ALOT stronger than the summer sun in the states, you can burn within an hour or two.  Say good morning, good day, good afternoon to everyone you encounter.  We are a very friendly people if you greet us and say hello, it will make a huge difference.  If you are here for a few days renting a car is a great idea, especially if you have time to go explore St John, its impossible to get lost over there.  We do drive on the left, but it is not as hard to adjust as you would think. 

14.  What is your number one piece of advice to brides & grooms?  Don't look at the weather report, it will always say rain and it will always stress you out and you have no control over it anyway.  Relax and enjoy yourselves.  You came to the islands to get away from the stress of planning a monster event back home or you just wanted something small, intimate, and stress free.  Planning a wedding in the islands is only as hard as you want it to be.  As we say in the islands "No hurries and no worries" so sit back, relax and enjoy.

15.  Can we write our own vows?  Absolutely.  I am non denominational so your wish is my command, this day is about you and your love, so whatever you feel best signifies your relationship is fine with me.  I have my religious and non-religious ceremony samples on my website.  Also, there is an excellent Jewish officiate that I work with than can assist in intermingling Jewish traditions, customs, and readings, if you so desire.