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I created some questions which I suggest all couples try with their partners regardless of if they are married or not.  It can be a lot of fun and you will definitely learn something new about your partner.  I hope you enjoy them.  Be open and honest with your answers and have fun with it as this is strictly for the both of you to learn about each other.  I always suggest that you be in a quiet, relaxing place, and a bottle of wine if you drink. 

Click here to download pre-marital questions   (this is for your enjoyment only I do not want to see the answers to these questions)


These are the most common ceremonies I use, although I edit depending on situation, location, and if there are additional ceremonies involved.  You will see some of them are customized and feel free to use them as an outline and insert your own readings or personal feelings.  Search the Internet, write your own, or make any type of suggestion.  This ceremony is binding you two in love and marriage for the rest of your lives, so make your ceremony reflect your individuality and your unique love.  Make it personal, silly, serious, religious, ethnic, or whatever.  If you have a few personal notes you would like to add let me know and I can give you some suggestions to help you customize the ceremony. 

Typically I will meet with the groom shortly before the ceremony to get some personal information on how you met, etc. so each and every ceremony is personalized with humor and tears in all of the right places.  Frequently I have guests come up to me after the ceremony thinking I am a friend of the couple.  It is my goal to make the ceremony entertaining and personal to you.


For Same-Sex weddings I use the same scripts but of course I edit the Bride/Groom parts as needed.  These are just outlines so don't worry if it is just the two of you and it says in front of all these friends and family members I will change things that fit your wedding.  Everything is personalized.

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